The V1 Vegan Store physical location is now closed. The web store will be taking a short break while we recover from a difficult year and will be back with a brand-spanking-new site! We apologise for any inconvenience this has caused. If you need to contact us, please email us at

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you ship internationally?

Currently we only ship goods inside of NZ. If you're located somewhere else feel free to flick us an email and we'll point you in the direction of something closer to (your) home. 

When will my order arrive? 

All orders are picked up our friendly local courier buddy each afternoon. Delivery time is 1-3 working days but is often the next day (unless it's the weekend because all friendly local courier buddies deserve a break). 

Do you ship chilled goods (I want the cheeze!)?

*UPDATED APRIL 2020* Unfortunately we are now unable to ship chilled or frozen goods around New Zealand. Chiiled and frozen goods are available for pick-up, and for cycle delivery in Central Wellington with NoCar Cargo.  

Do you sell (this thing I really need)?

Maybe! Not everything we stock is listed on our website. Flick us a message to find out what we have. If you have a product suggestion, tell us that too!

How much does shipping cost? 

We offer flat rate shipping NZ wide at $6 for standard orders. Wellington Central cycle delivery is $7.00. Rural shipping is no longer available.

What kind of packaging do you use? 

We don't do plastic bags here at V1 and we use recycled packaging as much as possible in the shop. Basically we do our best to avoid creating more unneccessary waste. All of the paper, bubble wrap, and packaging we send out our web orders with is stuff we received with stock we've had delivered to the store. We're committed to reusing this packaging and we hope you will too. This is why sometimes your order will be wrapped in 3 different types of paper or wrappings. It's not as pretty but it's better for our earth. 

Are you hiring? 

The best way to make contact is to send us an email with your CV and a little bit about you. We do have gaps from time to time, but all of our part-timers do at least some weekend work, so you'll have to be available for that. V1 Vegan Store is a Living Wage Employer.  

Are you an organics shop?

No. All power to organic growers and producers though - we strongly support the use of organic horticulture. Many of our products are organic, but as organic production tends to be labour intensive (and hopefully pay a fair wage) it can also be expensive. We want tasty vegan foods as an option for everyone, 

Are you a cooperative?

Nope. V1 Vegan Store is the trading name of V1 Limited - a limited liability company. We're a couple of long-time vegans who had a dream and decided to take a massive leap of faith and open V1. It's been the biggest, hardest and most fun thing we've ever done. We're real people who are not interested in being part of a big corporate machine, we just wanted to do something that aligned with our ethics and filled a gap in our community. We appreciate you all for being a part of that community. 

What is a vegan?

Contrary to what Russell's father suggests - vegans are not beings from the star system Vega. Pronounced "Vee-Gun", vegans are people who avoid using any products made of or derived from animals, or which cause harm to animals in the making or testing. Some people also refer to veganism as "pure vegetarian". There's plenty more information here -

Why be vegan?

People choose to go vegan for a variety of reasons - ethical, environmental, health or spiritual. Whatever your personal motivation, you are bound to benefit all of those realms. Our number one motivation is to cause less suffering on this planet, especially to those unable to fend for themselves - but a side effect is the environmental benefit which also improves life for all animals - including humans. 

Don't plants have feelings too?


Won't animals take over the planet?


What about humans' canine teeth?


Bacon tho'

That's not even a question. 

So, do you eat fish/bivalves/chicken/honey/goats milk? 

No. None of those things are vegan.