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Welcome to V1

Tired of zig zagging all over town to get those vegan treats? Hate running past the carcasses to get to the vegan cheeze? Would you like to be able to buy ANYTHING in the store without having to spend half a day reading labels? Do you love vegan junk food? Us too!

We think that Wellington vegans deserve a vegan shop. That's why we opened the V1 vegan store in March 2017.

We wanted to create a fun, loud and proudly vegan space that is welcoming for all folks, but entirely cruelty free. We wanted to have products at a range of prices because we know that not all vegans can afford expensive handmade chocolates and exotic treats (although we wish you could!) - so that's what we've done.

We've sourced some of the best fresh vegan baking from around Wellington - and delicious vegan ice blocks and ice creams. There is a selection of the choicest vegan drinks and even... a vegan pick and mix!

We might not be a mega-store, but we'll be doing our best to support local and national vegan businesses and we hope that you will too.

We also believe that oppression is intersectional and cuts across society and issues, and so should our compassion and resistance. V1 supports human rights as well as Animal Rights and so we'll source products which are good for humans as well as other animals.

We stock the tastiest vegan proteins and cheezes, some vegan essentials like B12 dots and yeast flakes, body care and hard to find ingredients. We think that balance and moderation (in moderation) means we can be happy and healthy without resorting to fad diets or kooky trends.

We believe that supporting vegan makers supports veganism and we'll be highlighting products in the store which are made by vegan folks. 

Be sure to come back soon and check out our progress or drop us an email if you want to keep updated. 


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